About David

I am David Wynn, a nature-based counselor, outdoor guide, practicing philosopher, llama guardian, and generally curious human.

For nearly a decade I worked in outdoor education and recreation: as trail-builder, river guide, ski patrol, ancestral skills teacher, and camp mentor. Eventually my wandering path lead into the field of wilderness therapy. As a field instructor, I witnessed how mindfulness, woodcraft, nature connection, and psychotherapy could merge for holistic healing -- and a spark caught in my tinder-bundle! 

Imagining a nearby-nature therapy practice steeped in outdoor education philosophy inspired me to earn my M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and focus on eco/adventure therapy, psychedelic-assisted therapy, and spirituality in counseling. After graduating, I joined the clinical team at Blue Ridge Treks in Asheville, NC, where I have provided integrative outdoor therapy in the community since 2019. 

wildmind emerged over the duration of a 30-day personal wilderness trek; a name inspired by the untamed, spontaneous way of Being expressed throughout nature and often pointed at in Daoist philosophy. wildmind ecotherapy reflects this generative and interconnected nature of experience through integrative healing practices based in present moment awareness, radical acceptance, active commitment, and mutual liberation

Complementary to my work as a counselor and guide, I also teach courses on Wilderness/Eco-therapy at Southwestern Community College and Western Carolina University, and lead llama-assisted nature treks in and around my home valley.

I live in the town of Hot Springs with my family and friends. I enjoy foraging wild mushrooms, paddling the local waterways, and exploring the endless coves of our Southern Appalachian Mountains.

I also love to read and write - visit my bookshelf and journal.

"When humans know themselves,

The rest of nature is right there."

–Gary Snyder

Degrees & Credentials:

NC Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor #15902

M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, WCU

B.A. English Language and Literature, ASU

B.S. Agroecology, ASU

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapist, MEC

Shinrin Yoku Forest Therapy Guide, ANFT

Wilderness First Responder, SOLO

CPR/AED, American Red Cross

Professional Trainings and Conferences:

Natural Flow EMDR, 2022, 2023

Climate Informed Clinician, 2020

Hakomi Mindful Somatic Therapy, 2021, 2024

Internal Family Systems, 2021

Ecotherapy and the Hero's Journey, 2023

Wilderness Therapy Symposium, 2016-present

Professional Memberships:

Wilderness Guides Council

Climate Psychology Alliance

International Community for Ecopsychology

Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group

American Counseling Association

Wilderness Educators Association 


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